Frequently Asked Questions

Are the plates road legal in the UK?
Yes! All of the plates that we supply are 100% road legal.

What are showplates?                                                                                 

Show Plates refer to customised number plates that are not road legal. They are primarily used for display purposes on vehicles at events, exhibitions, or showrooms, rather than for regular road use. Show plates often feature unique designs, fonts, and logos that are not compliant with the legal requirements for standard number plates.

Unlike standard number plates, show plates do not conform to the regulations outlined by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK. These regulations specify the size, format, font, and spacing requirements for number plates that are legally allowed on the road. Show plates may deviate from these standards by incorporating decorative elements, unusual characters, or altered spacing that would not be permitted on a road-legal number plate.

It's important to note that using show plates on public roads in the UK is illegal. Displaying non-compliant number plates can result in penalties, fines, or even the confiscation of the plates and the vehicle's registration documents. Therefore, show plates should only be used for display purposes and not while driving on public roads.

What are the dimensions of the number plate?
Standard UK sized plates measures 520 mm x 111 mm (20" x 4.3") are are provided by default unless selected otherwise.

Do I get a warranty with my new printed number plates?
Yes! All number plates produced come with a 12-month warranty which covers any manufacturing defects or natural occurring issues.

Is a number plate fixing kit required?
We advise that customers install their new printed number plates using our or proper supplied fixing kit to ensure 100% reliability. For customers who want the quickest installation method, we would recommend our sticky pad fixing kit.

I am ordering my plates as a gift for somebody, is the external packaging plain?
Yes, the outer packaging is plain and does not contain our name on the packaging.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Shop Pay
  • PayPal

Can I order just a single (Front or Rear) plate?
Yes you can, please contact us for such orders.