Hex Number Plates: A Stylish and Legal Upgrade for Your Vehicle

4D Hex Plate

Ever noticed the impeccably stylish number plates on a Lamborghini that seem to elevate its appearance to another level? Those are hex number plates, the epitome of sophistication for your vehicle, giving it the distinct Lambo-style flair.

Hex plates, or as they're affectionately known, Lambo-style number plates, perfectly blend with the sharp and precise angles of your car. Created to enhance the overall aesthetic, these custom-shaped plates are a statement of your unique style.

What are Hex Number Plates?

Now, you might ask, "What exactly are hex number plates?" Well, these are custom-shaped plates designed with six sides, giving them that unique hexagonal shape. Their creation involves cutting-edge laser technology, ensuring a custom cut that fits your vehicle perfectly.

And they don’t have to be exclusive to Lamborghinis; all our plates, including hex-style number plates, can be fitted on any vehicle, making them a versatile choice for car enthusiasts.

While they bear the name Lamborghini number plates due to their widespread use on these luxurious supercars, they are by no means restricted to them. The hexagonal shape and the added Lambo-shaped angles bring a dash of extravagance to traditional number plates.

With options to include 3D or 4D lettering, these custom-shaped plates add a touch of elegance to any vehicle.

Now, let's delve into the legality of these stylish hex plates.

The Legality of Hex Number Plates

4D Hex Plates Police Rules

Hex plates have certainly caught your eye, haven't they? Now you might be pondering, "Are Lambo-style number plates legal in the UK?" The good news is, they absolutely are! Unlike tinted plates, hex-style number plates comply with the DVLA's requirements and regulations.

While the legality of hex plates is simple as long as the number plate adheres to key dimensions, it's worth noting that the specifics of legality depend on the characters on the plate also! We have a entire separate article on this here.

The smaller the number of characters, the smaller the hex plate can legally be. It's a good practice to check the number of characters in your registration number before choosing your custom-shaped lambo plate.

The Aesthetics of Hex Number Plates

Visual appeal is where hexagonal-shaped plates truly shine. These Lambo-styled number plates add a distinctive touch of sophistication to any vehicle. 

Far from the dull, lifeless look of traditional number plates, hex plates are all about expressing your style and standing out from the crowd.

What adds to their charm is the variety of text styles you can choose from. Whether it's 3D, 4D, 4D Gel or even Ghost style plates, these styles provide a visual depth that makes your number plate pop, enhancing its aesthetic value.

Remember, these aren't just about adhering to regulations—they're a way to flaunt your unique personality and taste. So, why not upgrade from your traditional number plates to our stylish, DVLA compliant hex plates?

Hex Number Plates: The Bottom Line

Hex number plates are a legal, stylish, and versatile option for any vehicle. Besides the legality, these lambo style plates offer car owners a way to express their unique style while still adhering to the DVLA's requirements. Hex plates aren't just for Lamborghinis either; they can be installed on any vehicle, enhancing its look with their distinctive shape and variety of lettering styles.

At THZ Custom Workshop, we invite you to consider elevating your vehicle's look with our custom-made Lambo-shaped number plates. Whether you prefer the depth of 3D, the precision of 4D, or the versatility of gel, we have the right style for you!

So, don't wait. Get your custom hex number plate today and make a statement with your vehicle. You won't just be getting a new number plate, but a stylish accessory that will make your car the talk of the town. From show plates to a 4D Lambo shaped number plate, we have every type of number plate on offer, check out our shop and once you select the style of plate you like you can chose the Hex plate option from within the plate size dropdowns.

Get in touch if you need any help.

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